​Dark Swan

​85 Imperial


​Dark Swan Quilt

​Mars T style

.​Marvel Flame Top

​Marvel Claro Walnut

​Please use the contact us page for all inquiries. Price will be determined by wood type, routing choices, and shipping location

​84 Retta L

​Single T style

​Dinky Single



​84 Retta

All bodies are available in left handed versions.


​51 Special

​84 Retta Single

​Franky Quilt

​Modified T Style


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​Modified T Style Flame



​Dark Swan 2

​85 Retta L

​Star L

​Dark Swan 3

All guitar bodies and are 100% handmade, from scratch, in our shop. We don't use CNCs and every piece is given our undivided and detailed attention. Absolutely no corners are cut during our construction process, with precise measurements to ensure accuracy and symmetry on all models. If you have a custom body shape you're looking at wanting to use for your own project, we can build the guitar body to suit your needs at a very small additional cost.​


​85 Retta

​Ad Franky

​Guitar Bodies